Monday, 28 May 2012

Cartoon Evaluation

I believe My sound did complement the visuals at some points during the cartoon, for example the explosion sounds fitted nicely with the Visual and so did the twanging when tom hits the washing line in the back garden and some of the sound did not, for example the characters speaking could of been better and the rocket sound when is was flying through the the drain pipe didn't give a sense of realism.
The sound i recorded was the voices and the footsteps, i recorded these SFX through a Sony Voice Recorder. Unfortunately i was not happy with the out come with the recording equipment as it made the speaking and the footsteps very tinny and managed to pick up the background more than the actors voices. When recording the footstep i used a plastic box to create the sound, i turned the box upside down  with out a lid on the help keep the vibration of the sound within the box to give the sound depth but also to let some of the vibrations escape so the sound didn't make the hollowness of the box hearable.
The sound effect i gained from on line where the twanging noises, the explosions, and the fuse burning sound, this is because i was limited on resources to create the twanging sound also i had to get the explosion sounds and the fuses burning sounds from online as it would be a health and safety risk to create my own explosions get close enough to record the sound of them and i did not have a fuse to burn to create that particular sound.
I am happy with the overall result apart from a minor few sounds not fitting to the visual very well but it got the message across to the audience, and the sound made sense with the visual.
If i was to do this assignment again i would use better recording equipment and make sure the actors can be clearly heard and the sound effect would be more advanced sounds then basic.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Production Schedule

SFX Needed
Equipment Needed
Gathering SFX off the internet and also planning on how to create some SFX
·      Pic Axing Dirt
·      Punching and Slapping
·      Explosions
·      Fuse Burning
·      Running Effects
·      Background Music
·      Match Being lit
·      Screaming
·      Wind

·      A Computer Able to connect to the internet

None needed as no recording is being preformed

Start Recording the SFX to go with our piece


·      Sony Sound Recorder

·      Bag of rice to create a sound effect of punching someone
·      Actor to preform a scream

Edit the sounds we gathered together with the Tom & Jerry Clip


·      Adobe Premier Pro


Friday, 9 March 2012

Creating sound to a Tom and Jerry clip

I am Creating sound to a 2 min scene of tom and jerry.

Details of Clip:
Title: Tom & Jerry 12
Time: 2:00 - 4:00

Sound Recording Evaluation

After watching our footage back, we found that the original sound recording was better than our second recording, this is due to the sound kit we use on a different camera. for the first recording we used a PD170 with a phantom powered mic, which recorded the news bulletins clearly but the sound was bit distorted, we found one out of the three situations of the first recording turn out with the best audio was the quiet background, this is because you have no background noises the can over power the presenters voices, or disrupt the viewers attention towards the presenters.
The second recording did not go so well, this is because we had to use a first year mic which usually cause problems on picking up a noticeable humming sound over recordings and this happened over all of our second recording, which over powered our presents and disrupted the mic from picking up another noticeable sounds, we were not able to use the phantom power mic, as we used a canon 600d which is unable to power the mic unlike the  PD170.
Over all the filming went really well, unfortunately for the second recording, the sound did not go so well, due to the mic not working to its full potential. i believe the first recording was a lot better than the second, and the quiet room recording was more benifitial then the other we did.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Analysis of 2nd Footage

for the second footage our sound when horribly wrong due to using a worn out microphone which created and amplified a fuzzing static like sound, which drowned the actors out, unfortunately due to this event we cannot analyze the sound officially.

Revised equipment list for 2nd filming

We changed our equipment to:

  • Canon 600D
  • First Year Sound Kit (3.5 mm Shotgun Mic)
The Equipment we decided to keep the same is:
  • Tripod

Friday, 10 February 2012

Watch Back of Captured Footage (Round 2)

We watched the footage we captured today, unfortunately the sound-kit was not operating properly and left a huge hissing sound over the presenters,